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'Arrow' Season 3 Midseason Premeire Extended Trailer

Posted By Bayu on Movies - A new villain takes hold of Starling City in an extended trailer for the 'Arrow' Season 3 midseason premiere, 'Left Behind'.
In case you haven't seen Arrow's Season 3 midseason finale, "The Climb" just yet, there will be a massive SPOILER below, so read on at your own risk. With just a few days left until the hit series Arrow returns with the midseason premiere "Left Behind", The CW has released a new extended trailer and a behind-the-scenes featurette, both of which will address the shocking turn of events at the end of "The Climb".

In addition, executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases

'Batman v Superman': Is Jena Malone Playing Kahina the Seer?

Posted By Bayu on Movies - Photos show Henry Cavill as Superman on the 'Dawn of Justice' set in Chicago, along with an image that teases Kahina's presence.
As production continues on the Chicago portion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's shoot, an intriguing new photo from the set reveals that DC Comics character Kahina may be a part of the story. Take a look at the image from Filming Chicago below.

In the DC Comics, Kahina is a member of a group known as The Others, who was tasked with hunting down Aquaman villain Black Manta. Kahina is described as a seer who has visions of the future. We know now that Jason

'Shazam' Is Part of DC's 'Justice League' Movie Universe

Posted By Bayu on Movies - DC Comics confirms that Dwayne Johnson's 'Shazam' is one of the ten films that make up Warner Bros. 'Justice League' movie universe.
There has been some confusion over Shazam's place in the DC Comics movie universe. It will be launched under Warner Bros.' New Line division, which is different from the other nine movies announced for this line-up. And those involved with the movie creatively have stated that it will have a decidedly different tone than the other Justice League spinoffs.

But in a year end blog post, DC has seemingly confirmed that Shazam is, in fact, one of ten movies that

'Batman v Superman' Art Shows Off Armored Batsuit

Posted By Bayu on Movies - A t-shirt given out to the crew on 'Batman v Superman' features art of Batman using his armored Batsuit to battle Superman.
When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wrapped production back in December, the hard-working crew members were given commemorative coins as gifts from star Henry Cavill. Today, Twitter user Ephraim Silva revealed a photo that is reportedly of the t-shirts crew members were also given after production wrapped, which shows Batman in his armored Batsuit doing battle with Superman.

Unfortunately, it isn't an actual image of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in costume, slug

'Batman v Superman' to Bring Back 'Man of Steel' Villain?

Posted By Bayu on Movies - A new rumor claims that a dead body will play an important role in bringing a key villain to life in 'Batman v Superman'.
Warning! There may be SPOILERS ahead! Back in August, a report surfaced from the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which revealed that the corpse of General Zod, played by Michael Shannon in 2013's Man of Steel, plays an important part in the events that unfold in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The earlier report, which was never confirmed, stated that Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) was experimenting on Zod's dead body, since it is, "the key to his master

Joss Whedon Speaks Against Lack of Female Superhero Movies

Posted By Bayu on Movies - Before 'Wonder Woman' and 'Captain Marvel' were announced, Joss Whedon spoke out on Hollywood's intractable sexism in comic book movies.Even though we're getting both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel in the very near future, these are just two out of the more than 40 superhero films planned throughout the rest of this decade that primarily center on female characters. Hollywood has been slow to bring a superhero movie to the big screen that has a strong woman at the center of its story, and while a lot of people have been quite vocally against this fact, it is particularly bothersome to Marvel

Jason Momoa on 'Aquaman', 'Justice League' and Diversity

Posted By Bayu on Movies - Hawaiian-born actor Jason Momoa is happy to represent all islanders as the new 'Aquaman' in Warner Bros.' DC Comics movie universe.
Back in October, Warner Bros. finally confirmed that Jason Momoa is the new Aquaman, after months of speculation, some of which was fueled by the actor himself. Momoa will likely be introduced as Aquaman in next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which reportedly assembles the entire Justice League for the first time before Justice League Part 1 hits theaters in 2017.

While promoting the second season of his Sundance Channel series The Red Road, the

Vision Will Return After 'Avengers 2' Hints Paul Bettany

Posted By Bayu on Movies - Paul Bettany teases future plans for his Vision character, while admitting that he had never seen any Marvel movies before 'Age of Ultron'.When Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters this May, fans will get to hear a very familiar voice in a new way when Paul Bettany's J.A.R.V.I.S. becomes Vision, the first time the actor will actually be seen on screen in a Marvel movie. While promoting his new comedy Mortdecai, the actor hinted in an interview with that Marvel has a plan for his character, without specifying what they may be.

Here's what he had to say about his multi-picture